by Aaron Corbett

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In a kingdom plagued by an unspeakable cosmic horror, Princess Sertralina leaves the keys to her palace with Mario while she goes on a quest to find the source of evil.

"Sertralina left her kingdom for me, said there's evil in the clouds and trees and ground and everywhere I look is one more reason to confront it, something's gotta give"


released August 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Aaron Corbett Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Dear Mario
Dear Mario,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing you this letter, for I fear we may not meet again

I have felt a distance growing between us and I know you have felt it to.

For this I am sorry, but you mustn't blame me and you mustn't blame yourself!

The truth is, we live in a haunted world. Not just by ghosts and demons but invisible dark forces that lurk in the fractions of every space

there is no reality for us that is free from their twisted grip and their horrible presence.

They are everywhere

and they are the growing distance between us.

So I am leaving now to abolish them. The missions I have sent you on and the powers you've retrieved for me will prove critical in the final hours, but for now I have just one last thing to ask of you...

watch over the kingdom in my absence, I know you will be a noble and just ruler who will always fight for peace and justice, let no citizen go hungry.

//and so, Princess Sertralina left the keys to her apartment alongside the letter in an envelope addressed to Mario. And she absconded into the dark...//
Track Name: Gobblestone
Dear Mario,

There is blood in the corridors, dripping over cobblestone
bone dust, shake it up, tell me when you get this letter
Track Name: Sertralina Dreamin
Sertralina grips you by the stomach
squeezes water out and fills your mouth with gin and tonics

constant toxic bubbles
frothing suck and slumber
drifting unencumbered
sorry bout the world
Track Name: Sertralina Leavin
Sertralina kissed me on the forehead said "I love you" then she left

I've been a mess since then, I haven't slept since then

Sertralina left her kingdom for me, said "there's evil in the clouds and trees and ground and everywhere I look is one more reason to confront it something's gotta give...

I'm so sick of the pain."


"Dear Mario,

I hope this letter finds you well, for I am writing it from beyond that great distance between us.

It's pretty good out here Mario, I can see the entire history of space and time stretch out in front of me.

To my left, the birth of the very first atom. And to my right, the death of the last star.

And in between I watch the atom become you, Mario. And then I watch you become the dying star.

So I hope you understand, that you need not be afraid

for I know we will meet again.